Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Big planter made of Recycled tires

Planters made of recycled tires in Vietnam

Planters made of recycled tires in Vietnam
I know that there are many of you who don't like products made of cars' tire at all. You say they are not eco-friendly to use or reuse them at any point as. I respect your opinion, but I have got quite the opposite. We will always use tires, and there is no safer way to recycle them, than turning them into something new, useful and often very creative. 

I prefer wild gardens, I am reusing the old tire's car to create amazing pots and planters. we can pots and planters in different types and sizes. If you have want to have them, I will give you detail and price.

I am also waiting for your other ideas of recycling tires as this is a burning issue for most of us.

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